Agrotechnic Crete S.A. specializes in the production of top-quality olive harvesters since 1982.

We provide solutions to every olive grower who wish to have increased and better quality yield.

We develop olive harvesters that increase the productivity and decrease the working time and cost, with respect to the operator and the olive tree.

Pioneers in the field of olive harvesting, we manufacture exclusively olive harvesters, suitable for all olive tree varieties.

With an expanding network througout the world, we are always near our customers providing innovative products and technical support.


We manufacture olive harvesters from 1982.

Since then we are on a mission, to constantly improve olive harvesters to better meet your needs.

Our products are very much appreciated from olive growers throughout the world and are suitable for professional heavy duty use.

The continuous research and development, that characterises our philosophy, has set us pioneers in the field of olive harvesters. The manufacturing  is done in our factory in the industrial area of Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

We utilize the latest technologies and precision equipment  during the production procedure. The quality control during all production stages, guarantees the high quality of our olive harvesters.

Our products comply with the European directives and and regulations and carry the CE mark. The olive harvesters are covered by 24 month guarantee.

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