X.32 CF


Our patented rotovibrating olive harvester.
Alluminum tube. Total machine Length 2.4 Meters

Includes 14m cable with Y type terminals.


Roto-vibrating motion

The free rotation of the spheres lets it move freely inside the dense branches without damaging the olive tree and olive seeds.

Elastic spheres

Made from thermoplastic, friendly to the olive tree, provide smooth operation. The material is high quality and combines elasticity and durability.


High Power 12VDC electric motor

Made from high quality materials, suitable for long and continuous operation, without any need for special maintenance.

Operates also with a 12VDC battery

Designed to operate with a regular 12VDC car battery giving it 1850RPM and maximum torque at 12VDC. An 80Ah battery will last 8 hours continuous operation.

360° spherical coverage around the head

32 elastic sticks of alternating lenght

32 elastic sticks of different length . The alternating length of the sticks doubles the vibration on the olive tree and guarantees maximum performance.



Optional extension, available: in 0.5 and 1.0 meter. Optional extensions available in 0.5m and 1.0m suitable for the harvest of olive trees over 4 meters.

Ergonomic design

Antivibrational to the operator. Due to the motion with smooth operation and the elastic material of the sticks, it does not transmit vibrations to the operator. It is lightweight with low center of gravity. Very easy to operate.

2 anos de garantia

2 Year warranty


In conformity with the directives of the European Union

Manufactured according to the standards and regulations of the European Union. Carries the CE mark.

Technical specifications:

Type of movement Roto-vibration
Type of head Thermoplastic Spheres with 32 elastic sticks of different lenght
Rpm of the head 1850 rpm @ 12V DC
Motor High power 12V 200 Watt
Output 150/160kg olive seed/hour (minimum)
Initial lenght 2,40m (up to 3,4m with extension)
Weight 3,150kg (without cable)
Extension Optional extension 0.5& 1.0m (with transmition axle)
Cable lenght 14m for generator use, (14m fused with alligator clips for battery use)
Average consumption 10A

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, the x.32is designed for use with a regular car battery 12VDC. An 80Ah battery, has operating time of 80 hours continuous operation
x.32 needs direct current 12V to operate, you will find suitable generators in our products
Not directly ,but you can connect one of our voltage transformers to lower the voltage from 220VAC to 12VDC and then connect the x.32
The elastic spheres wear out evenly with the passing of the olive harvesting periods. The frequency of replacement depends on the type of the olive trees and the time period of harvesting. The average frequency is 4-5 years. They change without special tools.
Yes, you can upgrade to x.32 by changing only the elastic semispheres, all other parts remain the same. The conversions is very easy and no special tools are required.